rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

The December Chill

I've been feeling pretty crappy all day, and got next to nothing done. There was laundry, but someone was using the machines for hours and so it took until evening for me to finish. It's felt cold in here all day, too, even though I raised the thermostat all the way to 68. It's quite cold outside tonight, and humid, and it seems to seep into the building even though the walls are well insulated and the windows double-paned. Perhaps it is the hard surfaced floors on a slab that make the place so cold. I don't recall ever feeling this cold in my old house when the furnace was set this high.

It's possible that I'll get to go to Kmart tomorrow. I desperately need t-shirts as the two I saved from the fire are old and starting to get holes in them. Kmart is having a sale, and I might get a number of things if the store here has them in stock. I find their delivery service unreliable and too much trouble, so I don't intend to order anything from them online. For some reason the smaller store in Paradise was better stocked with stuff I wanted than the big one down here is. Sears is on the verge of collapse, though, so it might be that the Chico store will close soon and the one on the ridge never reopen. Another end of another era.

My bad tooth is starting to hurt again. I ought to pick up some of that Orajel stuff. I've never used it, but it's been around forever so it must work, at least a little bit.

It's going to go below freezing on the ridge tonight. Volunteers have been putting out small shelters for the abandoned animals where ever they have feeding stations. Still it's bound to be unpleasant for the cats who are still at large up there. I worry about them all the time, even the ones who aren't mine.

Tired, and still feeling crappy. I'd better go to bed. Wish I had my cats to keep me warm, and me them.

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