rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Another Chilly Night

Having grown tired of my own cooking, such as it is, I stopped at the nearby Taco Bell this evening and got one of their bland (and only vaguely Mexican) combinations. I'd have gotten something from a real restaurant but I was afraid that would leave me even more dissatisfied with the stuff I make myself, while the stuff from Taco Bell carried no such risk. It was merely a lateral change from the ordinary. It worked.

Tomorrow I have to be here in the afternoon because the termite and rot inspectors who have to sign off on every renovation in town will be inspecting, and they don't want to go into an occupied apartment when the occupant isn't home. It seems rather pointless to me. It's not like any of them would be desperate enough to steal this crappy laptop, or the cheap fleece throws from K-mart that I use for blankets, or my twenty-dollar toaster, or my fifteen-dollar bottle of Svedka vodka. Probably not even that electric shaver I was so long in finding, and it would be the most expensive thing in the apartment, since I would take my bottom-of-the-line Samsung mobile phone with me if I left. But their rules, so here I'll stay.

This afternoon I got a reply to a Facebook cat rescue page photo I commented on, where I asked if this particular cat who closely resembles one of my outdoor ferals had a tipped ear. The reply said they believe he does have a tipped ear, but can't be positive because there is also burn damage to the ear. I replied aksking if they could tell me where that cat is now (a number of different places are taking care of injured cats) and now await their reply.

I also saw a photo of another cat who closely resembles one of my indoor cats, but the information with it says that she is young. My cat would be more than three years old now, so I don't know if they would consider that young or not. The resemblance is really quite striking, and I would like to go see this cat in person, but it is in San Ramon, which is way the hell down in the Bay area. Not much chance of me getting there. There is a telephone number which I could call tomorrow to ask just how young they think the cat is.

After I posted my journal entry last night I checked my friends page and the very next post on it was one of the saddest I've ever read. It was from scottobear, who was the very first person I added to my friends page when I started at LJ in 2001. Scotto had a kitten named Newton and frequently posted photos of him. He was just about the cutest little ginger cat I've ever seen, and for the last seventeen years I've followed his life through the pages of LJ. Scotto's entry yesterday said that Newton had passed away that morning. I am heartbroken about this little cat I never met in person but who became so familiar to me. Goodnight, Newton. I was already missing my own lost cats, and I think I will miss you almost as much.

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