rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Ah, well, sometimes you get what you ask for. This time, rain. Not just rain, but thunder and lightning and the sound of fire engines all over town. It only lasted an hour, but it was quite splendid, and now everything smells thunderstorm fresh. Nice. The sky is still cloudy, too, so there might be more.



Last night, I spent about two hours collecting pictures at Webshots. (More Pissarros.) They were large files, and I nabbed about 90 of them. I was going to send them to the art folder in my documents file this afternoon. Before I opened Internet Exploder, I did some preliminary shuffling of some pictures that were already there, and created a couple of new folders. While I was doing this, Sluggo's hard drive began writing a little too much. I knew that the file I was moving wasn't large enough to justify all that activity. I checked the task scheduler to see if it was doing something, but it wasn't. But a few minutes later, when I opened IE, all my off-line content was gone! I still don't know what happened. Something that wasn't supposed to, certainly. But I have no idea why, beyond the fact that Microsoft is crap!

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