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Still On the Phone [Dec. 21st, 2018|06:25 pm]
Though I was hoping I could get a nephew to help me set the phone as a wirelees hotspot none were a aviable today. I also hoepd to get to Safeway to pick up a couple of things they had on their Frday sale, nobody was available for transportation, and I'm not ready to try using the bus yet.

Today is the Winter Solstice, and also there is a full moon, plus there is supposed to be a meteor shower tonight. If I had the laptop connected to the internet I would look up the name of it, but that is too much trouble to do with this device. However, I'm enjoying the tiny keyboard's autocomplete word suggestions, which have a high degree of accuracy and save a lot of time.

Even though it has cleared up here, the town's lights will make it impossible for me to see the meteors. The view will probably be quite good in Paradise, though, given that the place will be darker than ever now. If any of my cats are still alive up there they'll have a good view, but I don't think they ever noticed meteor showers. Cats don't seem to have any interest in astronomy. But maybe some of the dogs who are still there will be howling at that full moon.