rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Losing Track

A few more things have been done. I went to the PG&E office and they said that my last bill from Paradise (for fifty bucks and change) had been zeroed out. They aren't charging anybody for their last few days or weeks of service. The likelihood that faulty PG&E equipment started the fire has made them very conscious of public relations. I know that's a cynical view I hole, but the company has not been very accommodating in the past, so it does look a bit suspicious.

I also dealt with Comcast. They have sent me two bills since the fire, so their system seems unaware that their infrastructure is gone. The guy in the store was familiar with the problem, having dealt with hundreds of such cases in the last few weeks, and he fied the problem. He said I would in fact be getting a refund check for about seven dollars for the last few days of service they didn't provide when everything burned. The problem is that I never changed the name on the account after my parents died in 2010, so the check will be made out to my dad, who is too dead to cash it.

Then I went to Target and Walmart to buy a few essential items for the apartment. I got a set of cookware and lots of little random things like a 20-piece set of flatware, four glasses, a baking pan and a cookie sheet, a can opener, a bath mat and one of those non-skid mats you put in the tub/shower combo, and various other odds and ends. I forgot to get a measuring cup, which I will really need, and neither store had the set of dishes I wanted so I don't have those yet.

My sister is eager to get out of my brother's house, and wants me settled somewhere first, and I suspect that my brother would just as soon have me out of h is hair as well so they have been pushing me into the move. It looks like it will be tomorrow, though I have only a bare minimum of furniture and household goods, and will have to pickup quite a few things tomorrow afternoon, though I have no doubt it won't be anywhere near everything I need. I'm seriously feeling like a bystander in my own life now. I can barely work that smartphone I bought, which I rushed into buying because I knew this event was coming, so I'm not even sure I'll be able to communicate with the outside world once I'm in that place. If I get stuck in my own head for lack of distraction it isn't going to be pleasant.

Absolutely must get a USB cable tomorrow so I can at least try to tether the phone to this craptop and have Internets. I think they have them at Kmart, but I'm not sure if one to connect a phone and laptop has any special needs, and I'm sure there will be nobody at Kmart to advise me. They haven't had clerks assigned to electronics in their stores for along time. I should have listened to my mom when she told me to learn more about technology. Oh, wait, she never did that.

They are starting to disperse the rescued animals from the fire zone to various smaller shelters in preparation for shutting down the big emergency shelters. I still have no way of getting to the big ones, so getting to a bunch of smaller ones will probably be impossible. The odds that Ill ever find out if any of my cats even survived are getting ever smaller. I'm getting really pissed off at myself for being so ineffectual. Which reminds me, I still need to get a couple of waste baskets.

The clouds have thinned enough that I can see the waxing gibbous moon tonight. It is waxing, isn't it? I'm losing track of everything anymore.

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