rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

A Couple More Things Done

Two events today: I signed the lease for the small apartment, and I bought a cell phone and signed up with T Mobile for service. T Mobile gives me a geezer discount, so even with the seven bucks a month insurance against phone breakage (I've recently learned the wisdom of having insurance, and of late I have grown ever more butterfingered) the total bill will be only a little over sixty dollars a month, and includes unlimited data (though throttled with a low speed following a certain amount) plus 20Gb of tethering, so I can use the phone as a router(if I can figure out how it works. It's a steep learning curve for a technodolt like me.). It's less than I've normally used, but I guess I can avoid stuff like YouTube videos and sites that stream video ads and such in order to skimp. Text-heavy LJ should not be a problem.

I'm thinking I probably won't be able to afford cable anymore, and maybe not any full-on Internet service such as Comcast or AT&T. It's probably going to be impossible for me to recreate any reasonable simulacrum of the life I had before that fire evicted me from it. Everything must change now. I'll even have to learn to deal with an electric range in my micro-kitchen. I've always used gas before, which is much more responsive.

As for moving into the new apartment, I have no idea how long it will take me to acquire all the stuff I'll need. Intense shopping is ahead, alas. The list of things keeps getting longer, and it is astonishing to me how much commonplace stuff there is that I always took for granted when I had it. Scissors, can opener, bottle opener, broom, dustpan, kitchen and bathroom trash cans, spare light bulbs, Britta water pitcher and filters, butter dish... I'm sure I'll be missing things even after I've bought a ton of them; all that stuff you never think about until you need it and realize it just isn't there.

The lost animal posts on social media are getting more and more depressing as more people are returning to inspect their property and finding the remains of their dead pets. Facebook is getting far too many sad-face icons posted. I think I said the pretty much same thing last night, but it's just overwhelming to see so many such posts and I can't stop thinking about them, or about my vanished cats.

Forgot to go see if I could see the comet tonight. It's probably still too cloudy, or the town too bright, or both. I think I'll go out an dlook anyway before I go to bed.

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