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Getting to the really cold part of the year. Rain is possible five days in a row starting Saturday. I'm not looking forward to it. I was spoiled by having so much covered outdoor space for so long, and now I have none. I might be getting a very small apartment which has a very small, walled back patio, and if so perhaps I can get an awning to cover part of it. It's unlikely I'll ever own a house again, unless there's another really serious market crash before my insurance money runs out or gets taxed down, so I suppose I'll have to get used to being a renter with very limited choices and lots of regulation.

Everyone else here seems to be getting busier and busier, and I feel like I'm left twisting in the wind. I'm getting almost nothing done, while the number of things needing doing seems to grow every day. Today I got a bill from AT&T, and it looks like they'll be charging me for a full month's service for the two weeks of Internet and six days of telephone they gave me before their infrastructure burned down.

One would think they could give Twentyfive thousand or so homeless people a break, but I guess it's unreasonable to expect corporate executives to give up part of their bonuses just because somebody else's town got burned down. But if I find out they are dunning the grieving survivors of the 85 people known to have died in that fire I'll be on that ratty company like stink on shit until everybody on the Internet knows what kind of thugs they are.

I'd like to recreate (as far as possible) my lost post about my trip into the burned town a few days ago, but I'm still not trusting this craptop computer. It screwed me over a couple of times earlier today, and I don't want to loose something I worked hard on yet again. Too soon. First thing I want to do if I get that apartment is gind a decent computer.

Utterly exhausted tonight. I don't know why, since I did almost nothing but look at pictures of rescued cats (still none mine) again all day today.

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