rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Another day spent in one place, with no chance to go anywhere or do anything. I used to stay in one place every day, but there I had a fairly reliable computer, cable television, and a house full of cats, and pretty much everything I needed in the house. Now I have no television to speak of, a slow and unstable computer, all sorts of things that need doing, and still only three changes of clothes. I ought to get out and buy some stuff I'll be needing, but haven't been able to arrange it. There is one cat who hangs around, but that one serves mostly as a sad reminder.

There was a thin fog here today, but it was probably bright and sunny up on the ridge. The crews taking out dead trees (there must be well over a hundred thousand of them that will need to be removed) probably enjoyed the weather there, if they had any time to pause to do so. Under different circumstances I might have enjoyed that thin fog we got, but I'm still in no mood for it.

I don't want to spend too much time on this entry since I no longer trust this computer not to make it vanish forever. I think I'll just go get into bed and worry for a while. By now worry ought to have become boring to me, so maybe it will make me go to sleep. I'd like to get up bright and early tomorrow and get started looking at pictures of found cats again. The air fog isn't expected to return tomorrow, but I'm sure the brain fog will.

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