rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I stayed here all day again today, not due to weather, which was chilly but clear, but because everybody else was busy doing their own stuff. It is annoying to be dependent on other people for transportation. One good t hing was that the electric razor I ordered was finally delivered, and it will do fine. Actually a bit better than the older model that burned up.

Authorities have opened the road into the east side of Paradise, so theoretically I should be able to go look at the ruins of my house. A nephew who lives above the town went that way today and said that traffic was so heavy that it took him two hours to get to his house. I hate to put off the visit, just in case any of my cats survived and are hanging around there, but it's unlikely I'll be able to get anyone to go up there until the commotion has died down a bit.

There is a cat here. It used to live net door but it's owner died several years ago, and the cat wandered over here, and my brother started feeding it. Nobody even knows if it's male or female, and it doesn't like to be touched, but it is grateful for the food. It even gets to come indoors sometimes when the nephew's dog isn't around. I give the cat its food sometimes. It doesn't seem especially pissed off at me. It obviously has no idea what I have done.

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