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I finally got around to paying my October AT&T bill. I didn't get it when I picked up my mail that was transferred to the Chico post office a couple of weeks ago, so I figured it was in my mailbox from the previous day's delivery when I left and it got burned up. I also cancelled my service, and the agent said she would make it retroactive to November 8. As long as I have no outstanding balance due I can keep my old email address, which means I won't have to go around changing my address at all the web sites I've signed up for with it. Getting to keep the address is a small favor, but a useful one for which I am grateful.

I'm also trying to find a nephew to take me to Oroville to look at a cat who appeared on one of the Facebook pages devoted to animals rescued from the ridge. He looks very much like Shorty, the feral cat who lived in my back yard for the last few years. He was picked up close to a mile away, but I've been told cats do sometimes travel that far or farther from their destroyed homes.

I really wish I could find Portia and Frosty, the two cats who were so devoted to me, but I'd be happy to know that at least Shorty had survived. Right now I couldn't bring him home, not actually having one, and I still don't know where I'll be living once I do get my own place, or whether it will be a place where they allow cats, but there are a lot of people fostering cats and dogs and other displaced pets and one of them might take him until I get settled. But first I have to get to the shelter, a considerable distance away, and find out if it's really him. I'm pretty sure he would recognize me.

There is still a lot of bureaucratic stuff I have to deal with concerning FEMA and Social Security and such, and I hope to be able to do at least part of that tomorrow. The aftermath of a disaster can be tedious.

Another cold night tonight, and another chilly day tomorrow. It really is feeling like winter. At least half of the next ten days will bring at least a chance of rain. It's making up for lost time, but it can't make up for everything else that's been lost. Did I use that image already? My memory is turning to crap.

Thank goodness for LJ's restore draft feature. This stupid laptop just closed the damned browser before I posted this entry. At least LJ wasn't designed by assholes, even if most of the Internet was.

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