rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I dealt with insurance related bank stuff today, but didn't get much else done other than look at more pictures of rescued cats. They put fewer up today than they did Saturday and Sunday. There must be a lot of people spending their weekends rescuing cats and other animals. I'm glad they are there.

I have seen one photo of a cat who looks very much like one of my back yard ferals, but he is at the shelter in Oroville and it will be difficult for me to arrange transportation to get there. If it is him I think he is likely to recognize me. I'm the only person he really knew. Of course I'm not in a position to take him home, since I don't have an actual home to take him to. I suppose I ought to be working on that. Chico had a vacancy rate of about 2% before the mountain towns burned, and its population has just jumped by some 20,000 or more, so it isn't going to be easy to find anything here.

There was something else I was going to say but exhaustion has driven it from my mind. Oh, right, the electric razor I ordered from Kohl's is supposed to be delivered tomorrow. Maybe getting rid of this irritating stubble will make me feel better. Probably not alot better, but maybe a little.

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