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There was another trip to Kmart today to exchange the pants that were not the right style and to spend the fifty dollars in bonus points I got earlier. Turns out the pants can't be exchanged at the store because I ordered them online, so I have to return the package for an exchange. Given how poorly paid Kmart's shipping workers probably are I suspect that they would have little incentive to get it right the second time, so I think I'll avoid the hassle and just wear the regular fit they sent rather than try to get the more comfortable relaxed fit I ordered. I'll be looking for a different place to buy cheap pants.

I did buy several items I'll be needing. A moderately expensive (for Kmart) desk lamp was the biggest purchase. It has a brushed metal surface and is very round, which gives it a vaguely streamline modern look. Maybe someday I'll have a dek to put it on. I also got another cheap pillow and set of pillowcases to put on it, a 30 0unce thermal cup for hot or cold drinks, and something else I've forgotten. I very much dislike shopping, but it is a distraction that keeps my mind off of even less pleasant things.

There was more looking t pictures of cats, of course, with one recognizable. Someone who lived not far from me posted an item about the ten cats they are looking for. With my colony and the two each from the houses on each side of mine that's 25 missing cats in that neighborhood. I'm sure there were many more. The coyotes and wildcats must be having a field day, but I'd rather not think about that.

Chico is full of trees, and the leaves are autumn colors now. The change was delayed by the warm fall. The streets are now piled with leaves, and half-denuded branches are emerging everywhere. I've always liked trees, but when you've seen a huge number of them in flames a few hundred feet from where you are fleeing about all you can think of when looking at them and their dead foliage is how flammable they would be if they were dry. I'm so glad we've been getting a lot of rain here. I'm not so glad that it's going to be so cold and wet on the ridge where those lost cats are trapped, with no decent shelter.

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