rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

The Anxious Tediousness Continues

It was drizzly most of the day. The smell of smoke is gone, but it still smells a bit like wet ashes. The smell could be drifting down from the mountains, though more than a bit of ash fell on Chico while the fire was burning. I'm still not used to the noise. The street this house is on is pretty busy most of the day, and the freeway that bisects the town is only a few hundred feet away. There was not too much air traffic today, but the sound of the trains passing on the west side of town are clearly audible here, and there were several of those. It's remarkable how far the sound of diesel horns travels.

I went to Kmart and picked up two of the items I ordered... what day was it? Friday? Saturday? I can't keep track anymore. Three other items were delivered to the house this afternoon. The problem is that the pants they sent were not the ones I ordered, so they will have to be returned for exchange. The order of the shaver was cancelled, as they are not getting anymore in stock. I still need to get one, but have no idea where to look.

The simplest, stupidest things are exhausting, but I don't sleep very well no matter how tired I am. I keep thinking more is going to go wrong. It probably will, but still. I have a bit of cottage cheese with applesauce for lunch most days, since I want to maintain at least a little bit of continuity with my old life, but it makes me sad to remember how Portia would wait for me to give her a spoonful of the cottage cheese and then would lick off the whey and leave the curds for one of the other cats to eat. I never found out which one of them was eating the leftovers. Now I suppose I never will. If any of those cats are still alive I hope wherever they are isn't too hellish for them.

Rain again tomorrow, but a bit less of it. Later in the week it will get very cold. There could be snow on the ridge for the first time in ages. Nobody up there is likely to enjoy it. It will interfere with their work.

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