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I spent most of the day looking at pictures of cats on various rescue group web pages. Still haven't seen any of mine. A friend of my brother in law who has been doing animal rescue work in the fire zone says there are still cats all over the place up there, so there might be hope for at least a few of mine. Trapping is going very slowly, as few trappers are licensed to go there, due to the extremely hazardous conditions.

This guy said that the other day he saw an enormous fire-damaged oak collapse because the recent rain had softened the soil around its burned-out roots. This sort of thing is happening frequently. Upwards of a hundred thousand trees will have to be pulled out with cranes, it being too dangerous for anyone to climb them and removed them normally. Crews are already removing hundreds of trees a day. Most of the trees in town will be gone once they are done. With no shade in the hot summers and nothing to break the mountain winds in winter the place will be ugly and miserable for decades to come.

There is also still no word on when I might be getting any money from the insurance. The company still wants to send its inspectors up to look at the actual damage and make their own photographs. Given the scale of the disaster that could take a long time. If they start in the southwestern corner of town, as I suspect they will, and work their way north and east mine will be among the last properties inspected. In the meantime I'll just keep twisting in the wind.

Things are about to get worse for the surviving animals, since the two-day dry and mild spell in ending and the rest of the week will be mostly rainy. There will also be wind, and wet ground and wind mean a lot of those ravaged trees will be falling before they can be removed by the work crews. It will be getting pretty cold, too. It's going to be nasty up there. It's going to be pretty nasty down here. I'm not looking forward to this.

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