rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Anxiety and Boredom are Not a Good Combination

There were more flocks of geese flying south this evening, but they passed after nightfall and I couldn't see them. The geese fly where they please, but I was stuck here all day as everybody else was busy with various things. They'll be busy again tomorrow, so I'll be here again. It's likely to be raining again, too. Sunday is supposed to be partly sunny, but after that the rain will return. It is trying to make up for not coming in October and early November. Too late, rain. No forgiveness.

I've been getting a lot more camps in my feet and calves at night, and have to get out of bed and walk them off three or four times a night. I'm wondering if this is an effect of all the toxic crap I was inhaling over the last couple of weeks, especially when walking to the evacuation center through the dense smoke as town and forest burned around me. It's not surprising that I'm coughing a lot more than I used to, but the cramps are a surprise.

Right now I'd be distracting myself with television, but there is no cable here and broadcast reception is poor. Nothing much on anyway. I should probably just go to bed so I can wake up and worry more times during the night.

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