rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Lost track of time. Some paperwork got dealt with, and we now have a copy of the deed to the house from the County Recorder, and the damage survey teams finally got to my street today and we have photographic confirmation that the house was destroyed, so the insurance process can go ahead. The niece who is handling the claim says that the company is being quite cooperative with everyone, just cashing everyone out for the maximum allowable on contents and loss of use, since they really don't have the staff to pick over the details of every claim, so many have been filed at once.

I was not looking forward to trying to remember, let alone value, all of the stuff I lost. There were books, records, vintage magazines, and various other collectibles that I had never thought of as investments but simply things I liked having, but now that I recall them, and search some of them on the Internet, it appear that I had quite a store of value tied up in them. At least now I won't ave to do a long and tedious list, each item of which will remind me of something I cared about that is gone.

Of course I don't feel like considering this good news, even though it surely is. Good news would be that I suffered a head injury on November 8 and I have been in a coma and this has all been a dream. When I recover I'll go back to my house and my cats will be there, and I will immediately makes plans to move away from that dangerous place before the terrible dream comes true. Such are the fantasies of the devastated mind.
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