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Still pretty much spinning my wheels, which means at least they haven't fallen off yet. All the mail for Paradise is being redirected to Chico, but we have to go to the main post office to pick it up and put in for change of address, if any. My sister went there but the lines were too long. Tomorrow I hope to get there myself, as early as possible. That will be one problem dealt with.

FEMA is supposed to set up a place where we can get various papers replaced. I don't have the deed to my property, or my birth certificate, and probably other things I haven't though of yet. It will be handy to have one place to get everything like that done, though I have no doubt it's going to be crowded and chaotic, with over 50,000 people displaced, a large percentage of them having fled their houses at a moment's notice with next to nothing.

Various agencies are also supposed to be handing out money to cover evacuation expenses, but that is also waiting on the opening of a FEMA office. In the meantime I have several hundred in my bank account since I hadn't yet paid any of this month's bills or bought all of this month's groceries.

I'm going to have to do something about getting a telephone. Calls need to be made, and I don't want to tie up my brothers phone line, which he uses for his business. But my brain is seriously slow. It usually is, but now even more than usual. I don't know if I'll be able to keep my old phone number, which had a prefix exclusive to the ridge.

Everything is still confusing,probably in part due to my head feeling like it is full of smoke, which it is every time I inhale. The crescent moon is out tonight, and looks like an orange slice. Well, like two orange slices to me, a smaller one nestled in a larger one, thanks to my double vision. I need new glasses but I'm pretty sure my optometrist's office burned down.

Dinner is ready.

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