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Thanks to everyone who replied with supportive comments on my previous post. I don't feel up to replying to each of you individually now, but your sympathy is appreciated. I have just caught up with my email, but haven't even begun to catch up with LJ. Conditions for interneting here are not ideal, and arranging and executing even simple things like shopping are very time-consuming.

There are quite a few simple things to do, such as get some basic necessities that had to be left behind. But thousands of refugees are all seeking the same things, and when I got a chance to shop yesterday I found the store shelves mostly stripped. Searching in three stores I got a few things I needed (bath soap, shampoo, a package of boxer shorts and a package of socks) but other things I wanted were already out of stock. I'll have to keep trying.

More difficult tasks are still ahead. I find myself too muddled to make longer term plans yet. Mostly I'm still thinking about the cats. Wednesday night they still had pleasant, secure lives, and a few hours later their world was completely disrupted and they were abandoned. As unpleasant and disruptive as the loss of everything I owned (but a vacant lot in a devastated) is, the loss of the cats is far worse. It could be as much as three months before anyone is even allowed back into the burned area to see what became of their property In the meantime ny of the cats who survive are in a place where there is no one to feed them, and plenty of wild creatures and abandoned dogs to feed on them. It might be that ny who were afrid to leave thehouse and suffocated in the fire were the lucky ones.

But I'm also aware that among the some 50,000 people so far displaced by this disaster there are many people far worse off than I am. That town was full of old people, many without families nearby. At least I have ome support available.

As for Sunday Verse, all the books have been burned. I could cut and paste from a web page, which I often do when pressed for time, but first I'd have to find something, and I really can't even think about what to look for. My memory of poetry has just gone dark. Maybe I'll be a bit better disposed next week. But I'm not counting on it.

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