rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


PG&E's robot keeps calling me and telling me that it's going to be windy Thursday and Friday, but the other day told me it was going to be windy today,which it wasn't. Maybe it's windy in the valley, but if so I haven't heard about it, and it certainly hasn't been windy up here. Quite the opposite. It was still and cool all day, and is still and quite chilly so far tonight. Maybe PG&E's robot is just a troll.

Anyway, Time has gotten away from me again today, and everything is happening too late. I did laundry, but there was not enough warmth in the air to dry it out, so several towels and some heavy socks are on a rack in the living room. This will be a problem for along time to come if I don't get the dryer either repaired or replaced soon. Nephews were supposed to help, but haven't so far. Non-outdoor-drying weather is predicted for every day in the long-range forecast.

Oh, wait. I just heard my window rattle so I went outside and PG&E's robot was right! There is some wind kicking up. It came on quite suddenly, and it's already pretty strong. Leaves are skittering everywhere. This should denude the oaks. Probably also fill the rain gutters with dead tree parts, and they just got cleaned out the other day. Bad timing. But a power outage has suddenly become likely. I should post this before I find myself shivering in the dark. Then go watch television while I may.
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