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Saturday shopping tends to be hectic. The stores are crowded, and there seem to be a lot more people with kids than on Sunday, as well as more old people on those electric carts that are so effective at blocking the narrow aisles. I tried to keep a running total of my bill as I shopped, but kept kept getting distracted and losing track. In the end I spent a least twelve dollars more than I'd intended. I do think I got everything I went after, though, except for the loaf of bread they were out of.

Part of th e problem was that I ate lunch a bit too early, and the effect was wearing off so I was getting a bit too hungry to maintain my shopping discipline. One of the things I bought that wasn't on my list was a package of those little donuts. They were cheap, but it was still unwise. By the time I got home I was seriously peckish, but dinner was not going to be ready soon so I opened the package of donuts, intending to eat maybe two or three. I downed about nine or ten before I came to my senses. Now dinner will have to wait until quite a bit later.

I just remembered today that I have an appointment with the chiropractor this coming Tuesday. I have to find the appointment card because I can't remember what time it is. My brain is still being muddled. I used to be pretty good a things like keeping a running total of my expenses as I shopped, and the times and dates of appointments, but not any more. I'd probably forget to feed and water the cats if they didn't remind me when they are hungry and thirsty. The plants can't do that, which is why they sometimes get dried out.

Something I do remember to do is check the weather report every day. Tomorrow it is going to be about five degrees cooler than today was, which should be quite pleasant. But the nights dropping into the forties will now begin as early as Monday, and continue for the foreseeable future. But still no rain in sight. Maybe the clouds are getting old and forgetful like me.

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