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Cooling Due [Nov. 2nd, 2018|10:04 pm]
It looks like I'll be going shopping tomorrow instead of Sunday. Daylight Saving Time ends tomorrow night, so Sunday it's going to be getting dark an hour earlier, which puts pressure on me to rush and get home sooner. I don't know what I'll do next week, when the option will no longer be available. One of the things I don't look forward to in winter is rushing through my shopping,or trying to get out of the house sooner.

Tomorrow will be the last really warm day of the recent mild spell, and then a few cooler but still mild days will be followed by some days with highs in the sixties, and then a high of 59 is predicted for a week from Sunday. Lows will be getting down into the high thirties by then, too, so furnace season will be getting underway. Higher gas bills from November until April, or even May, most likely. That's another thing about winter I don't look forward to.

But it's still pretty nice tonight. Warmer than it is predicted to be all day a week from Sunday, to be sure. The waning moon won't be up until late, but the sky is mostly clear and I might go out and look at the stars for a while. Maybe I'l hear some migrating waterfowl. It's about time they should start showing up in considerable numbers. And that's one of the things I do look forward to this time of year.