rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Unexpected Visitor

Well-watered grass has a particular shade of green which is very restful. Watching the blades rippling in the breeze, I thought I had dozed off and begun dreaming when I saw a winged blue stick about an inch long flitting about. It was an insect of the type which is usually brown- a little flying stick creature whose species I don't know. This one was indeed a bright, almost iridescent blue, with shades of red and purple playing across it. I've never seen one of this color before, and didn't know they existed. The wings were so thin, and moving so fast, that they were barely visible, so that it did seem as though a stick had taken flight. After a moment, it flew away so quickly that it seemed to have simply vanished. It left me with the silent lawn and a sense of calm delight.

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