rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


For the sixth or seventh year in a row no kids came onto this street tonight. There might have been some working the street behind mine, though, as the dogs in the yard across the alley started barking just after nightfall and continued for about three hours. I don't think anybody was home in that house. It was dark, but I don't think they were hiding. I suspect they took their own kids to one of those church-based parties where the kids can dress up in costumes and eat treats, but the power of Satan and his demons is kept at bay by the power of Jesus (not effective against pedophile priests, apparently.)

The weather was not very Holloweenish, of course. Except for some clouds that appeared for a while this afternoon it was clear all day, and is mostly clear again tonight. It's supposed to be mostly clear again tomorrow, and even balmier than today was, perhaps even reaching a high of eighty. Tonight it will only get down into the high fifties. No lows in the forties are predicted until next Monday night. I feel like I should be going to the beach. Too bad there are none nearby.

Anyway, now that fall is over and spring is here I'm wondering what to do with my days. I'm also wondering what we'll do for water when the reservoir runs dry. Of course there is no rain in the long-range forecast, and if there were I wouldn't trust it. I'm probably overreacting, of course, as this is only the start of November and we often don't get rain until well into December here. I'm thinking I must be obsessing over potential drought because I'm really thirsty after this warm, dry day. I think I'll go drink some beer. If I drink enough of it I'm sure I'll stop thinking about drought. Or anything else. I just hope I don't dream about it after I pass out.

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