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Morpheus Strikes! [Oct. 24th, 2018|09:38 pm]
As I expected, last night I fell asleep too early. I was watching The Daily Show, and when I woke up around half past six this morning the television was still on, tuned to Comedy Central, so I fell asleep before Colbert came on or it would have been on CBS. So I missed whatever jokes Stephen made about Trump last night. I guess that's okay. I can make my own jokes about Trump. They pretty much write themselves.

I tried to get back to sleep for a while, but couldn't, so around seven I got up and fed the cats. They were happy to get an early breakfast in the gray light before an autumn dawn. I was grumpy, of course. Morning! Whose idea was that? Sun on the wrong side of the sky! Whoever heard of such a thing? (grumble grumble) But after a cup of tea I turned back into something resembling a human, and went about my day, which consisted first of watching Australians murder one another on television, then a semi-breakfast, and after that mostly squandering hours on the Internets, and bit more television, and a late lunch, and more Internets, and going out to see the outdoor feral cats now and then. Not especially productive, but too late to fix that now.

Anyway, I expect I'll be falling asleep around the same time again tonight, given how early I woke up and the fact that I didn't have a nap. I'll have to eat something first, if I can stop yawning long enough. But first I should make out my shopping list. Another thing I totally forgot to do today.