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Once again the predicted rain has vanished from the forecast. It was supposed to arrive late next Sunday night and continue through Monday morning, but I guess it won't. It looks like it's going to be mild and dry clear through the end of October. Splendid weather, really, but it would be none the worse for a bit of rain now and then. Alas, I guess we'll be waiting until November.

We're only two days from the full moon, so it will be a bright night tonight. The oaks have lost enough leaves to make for some interesting shadows, though the shade from the walnut tree, which has barely begun to turn colors, is still pretty dense. My black cat has returned after spending the entire day in some place he's not telling me about again, and he will add to the atmosphere as he prowls around the yard among the fallen oak leaves.

But first of course I must get those wheelie bins out. Trash pickup day always sneaks up on me, but I usually remember. Unfortunately something I didn't remember was to call PG&E today to see what became of my October bill. It still hasn't arrived. I'll try to remember to call them tomorrow so they can re-send it and I can get it paid before the end of the month. If it weren't for the fact that making things too easy would probably lead to my brain rotting away entirely I'd just set up automatic payments.

Besides, I'm sure the computer would crap out immediately, and I'd be cut off from any knowledge of what was going on with my bank account (yes, I'm overwrought and paranoid, but overwrought paranoia is all the identity I've got left. I don't want to forget who I am. Not really. Well, not much.)

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