rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Lost and Found

Shorty, the black feral cat who lives in my back yard and seldom leaves it hasn't been around today. I checked all the nooks and crannies but haven't found him. Lately he has been more skittish than usual, and a couple of times had ruffled fur that looked as though he'd been in a fight. There is a strange cat who I've had glimpses of lately, and who was apparently across the street picking a fight with my garage cat, Jarhead, when I went out to the mailbox this evening, and I have a suspicion that he might have run Shorty off. Shorty is not a fighter, and tries to make friends with just about any cat who comes into the yard, but so far has never succeeded. I'm hoping he'll show up later tonight, as he has never vanished for more than 20 hours or so before.

The parade of mild days is continuing, and it looks as though they will do so through next week, though slightly cooler, and with slightly chillier nights. A rain prediction reappeared in the forecast today, but it is only for morning showers, and not due until a week from this coming Monday. That's a long time to wait, and the chances are only 48%, so I won't count on it. Forecasts that far out are unreliable, of course, so there's always a chance that there actually will be some rain by then. October is dry here more often than it's wet, so none of this is a surprise. I do hope we get some decent rain in November, though. Odds are about even that November will be rainy, and a bit better than even that we'll get some decent rain in December. If we don't get it by then I'll start to worry.

No English people will murder one another on television tonight. That's a disappointment, especially since Sunday night is currently murder-free as well. There aren't even any American murders on the Hallmark Murder and Glurge channel tonight, so I guess I'll be doing without vicarious slaughter altogether. I'll have to settle for comedy, I suppose.

Hey, Shorty's back. I just checked the food bowls to make sure Porky (the other back yard cat) had finished everything and I wouldn't end up feeding raccoons, and there was Shorty ready to rub against my leg. I put some food out for him, but will have to check it again later before the raccoons arrive. It looks like there's some fur missing around the base of his tail, but I can't be sure in the artificial light. If nothing happens tonight he ought to be here tomorrow morning, though, and I'll be able to see any damage he might have.

Now if only my PG&E bill would show up. I need to know if there's going to be any damage from that as well. It's usually here by the middle of the month, but I haven't gotten it yet. If I don't get it Monday I'll have to call them to see what's up. They might have to send a second copy, because I think it's due early in November and I don't want to end up with a late penalty.

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