rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Odd atmospheric conditions are causing the gusty breezes to shift about tonight. The breeze is oddly warm, too. It actually feels warmer outside right now than it did three hours ago. It's still supposed to drop down into the fifties before dawn, but right now it's downright balmy out there— at least for the season. It's supposed to get much cooler next week, but will still be in the seventies every day. Summer died, but has come back as a zombie. I hope it doesn't eat my brains. I have few enough left.

The gusts are causing acorns to fall from the oak trees, setting up a clatter as they roll down rooftops. Walnuts would probably be falling from my tree, too, if the squirrels and raccoons and woodpeckers (but mostly the squirrels) hadn't already snatched them all. Apparently they prefer walnuts to acorns, as the noise that accompanies each stiff gust attests that plenty of the latter remain.

A noise far louder, and far less pleasant, woke me up too early today. Power tools were in use next door, and this afternoon there was an unpleasant smell in the air rather like fresh asphalt. I think someone up the block might have been having their driveway sealed, but I didn't bother to go snoop. I used to go check out what was going on in the neighborhood every time their was a disturbance, olfactory or not. But that was before the Internets swallowed me whole. I'm not sure I can even be considered a local citizen anymore now that I've vanished into the virtual world.

The commotion next door this morning also scared the feral cats off, and they didn't get their breakfast until afternoon. That means they weren't ready for dinner on time, and got hungry again after dark, but if I feed them by night the raccoons are bound to show up and eat the food. I hope the neighbors are done with their project so this disruption won't happen again tomorrow.

Right now it's time to go watch the television (TV) and probably fall asleep in front of it. I did get a brief nap this afternoon, but the cats kept waking me up so it wasn't very restful. I will most likely pass out not long after midnight and wake up in the dark with something on the screen I'd rather not see, like a big, goofy, orange face. I hate when that happens.

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