rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


There were clouds all day today. A few patches of blue would appear now and then, but it was mostly a sky full of a variety of clouds. Different layers of cloud would be lit differently, so there were dark, steely grey clouds, and little white fluffy clouds, and bright silvery clouds and thin sheets of cloud through which other clouds could be seen.

Usually, grey days are cool days in California, but today was hot, and it gave the town a Southern Gothic feeling. I could imagine all sorts of Tennessee Williams-ish things going on in the decaying hand-built houses and the double-wides, and the cars up on blocks in some yards didn't seem out of place, for once.

Now, there is another one of those spectacularly lurid sunsets that summer's skies here are seldom cloudy enough to sport. Out my side window, I see the half moon beginning to glow through a patch of thin cloud. A sultry night for sultry doings. Stella!

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