rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Still and Chill Again

There are supposed to be some more breezy days coming up. Today it was mostly still, and tonight so far is quite still. The darkness is nearly silent, with not even a slight rustle of leaves. The only sounds are a few crickets far to the south, barely noticeable. Now and then a dog barks or a night bird calls, or I will hear a car in the distance, but for the most part it is utterly serene.

The fattening crescent moon is hanging around in the pine trees down the block, and a while ago I saw the flashing light of a distant airplane pass westward over the valley. Most notably, the chill air is starting to take on the scent of autumn; dead leaves, soil mold, and a hint of smoke from a fireplace. The balmy days still feel like September, but October asserts itself by night.

I fell asleep before one o'clock again last night, and woke up around seven this morning. I avoided the couch this afternoon and so didn't have a nap, unintentional or otherwise. That means I'll probably fall asleep fairly early again tonight and wake fairly early again tomorrow. Six or so hours of sleep is really insufficient for me, but at least I've got a pattern going— though only for two days so far— and I'm getting to see the sun go down. Once the sleep deficit catches up with me I'm sure it will fall apart, and I hope it doesn't happen over the weekend. It might interfere with my shopping trip.

Speaking of which I need to go make out my list, which I never got around to doing today. I did get around to doing the other half of my laundry, though I very nearly left it too late to get it dried in the sun. I really need to get the dryer situation dealt with before the cold and overcast days arrive. Having wet laundry hanging on a rack int he house is most annoying.

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