rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Wavering Attention

So I managed to avoid an afternoon nap today, but only because I didn't wake up until almost noon after going to sleep sometime around four o'clock in the morning. That's pretty close to what once was a regular schedule for me, but it's been such a long time since I was reliably nocturnal that it seems strange now. I doubt the pattern is back to stay, though. No pattern lasts long anymore.

It was warm but breezy again today, and a lot more leaves have come down. The nearby oaks are getting close to being denuded, and the pines have begun shedding needles in large numbers, while the walnut tree's leaves are starting to turn yellow in places. It looks somewhat autumnal out there, but certainly still doesn't feel like it. Yet somebody has a fire in their fireplace tonight, and the smell of woodsmoke is seasonally accurate. It cooled off rapidly tonight and is heading down to 48 degrees, but it will be back up to 80 tomorrow. Diurnal whiplash again.

I am not hearing any of the small crickets tonight. Could it be that they've all given up? I wasn't expecting them to vanish so suddenly. Come to think of it I don't recall hearing them for a few nights now. They are such a persistent sound of summer, and now they have vanished and I didn't even notice when it happened. I've grown so inattentive!

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