rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Good Night

It's supposed to be sunny and windy for my shopping trip tomorrow (assuming I get transportation) but at only 70 degrees not as warm as today was. It actually got up to 84 today, but even though I had the windows open all afternoon the house remained quite cool. It'sonly 69 right now. That might be a problem since it will be going down to 47 tonight, so the furnace will probably kick in sometime early tomorrow morning and then cycle on much of the day. But then the days are going to be warm again after that, so the furnace shouldn't have to work too much for the rest of the week even though the nights will continue to get down into the low fifties.

This evening I watered the back yard and the back back yard for the first time in almost a week. The plants were looking a bit pekid, which is not surprising. This summer was tough on a lot of them, even though I watered them fairly regularly. The ivy in the far southeast corner of the yard which used to climb halfway up the fence is thinning, and some sort of plant that is turning red now has invaded its patch. I con't know what plant that is, as I'd have to wade through much of the surviving ivy to get close enough to see exactly what it looks like with my failing eyesight. Maybe I can get my sister to inspect it next time she's here.

I'm afraid I spoiled my dinner with wicked Chex mix again. I'll probably have to wait until eleven or so before I get hungry enough to eat a meal, and I hope I don't fall asleep before then since I did manage to avoid an unintentional nap today, event hough I've been awake since about seven o'clock this morning. I do have English people murdering one another on television tonight,t hough, which might keep me awake until belated dinner time. IN fact the mayhem starts almost immediately so I have to go to the other room now. Good night, LiveJournal. Good night, computer. Good night, Internets.

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