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It was even milder today than yesterday, and a string of warmer days is coming up. That will save money on the power bill, but it's a bit distressing that there is still no rain in the forecast. Fire season still isn't over here, and the longer we go without rain the worse any fires that get started are likely to be. There's also the fact that I have to keep irrigating the plants, but since water is still cheaper than gas it remains an economic gain— until the town burns down, of course.

In fact I thought for a few minutes there might be a fire nearby this afternoon, when a helicopter made several low passes over the rather woodier neighborhood just south of mine. No smoke appeared, so my guess would be they were either tracking that mountain lion who has been seen in this part of town a few times this summer, or an ax murderer was on the loose. As the ax murderer was probably not English I wouldn't be interested in him, so I sort of hope it was the mountain lion.

The house is quite comfortable to be in right now, and the outdoors is hoodie-comfortable. The windows were open for about five hours, and I should be able to keep them open even longer tomorrow. Saturday will be the best window day, as it will be getting all the way up to 82 degrees. But all the upcoming nights will have lows of 51 or less, so I don't have to worry about cooling the house off easily if it gets a bit too warm by late afternoon.

I had no unintentional nap this afternoon, so maybe that streak of sleep disruption is over for now and I can settle down to enjoying the autumn that doesn't yet feel quite like autumn. Now and then a breeze will come by that suggests the turning of the season, but so far none of them have been able to maintain the feeling for long. Still, that crisp day must come fairly soon, mustn't it? It's October, after all, and the middle third of it at that. Maybe the last third of it will turn autumnal. I do hope we don't have to wait until November.

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