rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Displaced Day

Shopping was somewhat unpleasant today. The stores tend to be zoos on Monday. They were also out of a couple of items I wanted, and of course there was something I forgot. I might be able to pick those things up tomorrow on my way back from the chiropractor, and also drop off my water bill at the company's office, which I also forgot to do today. Shopping is so much easier on Sunday, especially when there is a game on television, keeping a lot of people off the streets.

It got quite balmy today, and I didn't have to close the windows until after nightfall. The next couple of days are supposed to get cooler, but then it's supposed to heat up again next weekend. I'm thinking my utility bill might not be too bad this month, and if this mildness continues it might not be too bad in November, either. But sooner or later it's going to start getting very cold, and that furnace will be running day and night.

Going shopping did prevent me from having an unintentional nap this evening, which means I'll probably fall asleep in front of the television fairly early tonight. First I have to get the wheelie bins out, though. It's a wonder I didn't forget that tonight is Monday, but considering the disruption and the fact that I'm short of sleep I feel surprisingly alert right now. Most likely the exhaustion will hit me all at once and I'll just crash. But I hope that doesn't happen until after midnight. This time of year going to sleep that soon inevitably means waking up in the dark, and I've had enough of that lately.

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