rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


We have been getting some sprinkles since not long after sunset this evening, and they might continue overnight, but tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and warm. It would be nice if the rain would pick up a bit. I'd like to hear it falling more vigorously. It's been along time since I've had any serious rain to listen to.

My sleep schedule is still odd, with about a three hour nap this evening that has delayed my dinner and left me logy. If recent nights are any guide, I'll probably fall asleep again about two or three o'clock in the morning and wake up around six or seven o'clock tomorrow. I don't like waking up in the dark, and I've been doing it twice a day recently. Puts me in a bad mood, that does.

This afternoon I inspected the walnut tree and saw only one nut on it. There were a few dozen a few weeks ago. Damned squirrels have eaten almost all of them, and none have even fallen yet. Some years I've picked up a couple hundred nuts off the ground, but this year I'm expecting the squirrels to nab even the one I saw and any others higher up that I might have missed seeing today. Last year I got fewer than a dozen, but I expect I'll get none at all this year. My feral cats are not earning their keep. They should be running those squirrels off.

I have to go cook something. All I had for lunch was some cinnamon toast and hot chocolate.

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