rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Another LJ Toy (Paid Users Only)

I've just been having fun with Brad's latest addition to the site: People who are popular with your friends but are not on your friends list. (This is a link to the actual feature, by the way- a link to the announcement is in the next paragraph.) Turns out that Brad himself is #7 on the list the link turns up for me. Interesting, but it makes me think. When I checked the friends lists of the users who appeared on my list, the same group of people kept showing up on them. If people start using this thing to find new friends, it has the potential to be a real clique-maker. It makes me just a bit uncomfortable. But, as I said- interesting.

By the way- the announcement was posted in news. I don't have News on my friends list (it isn't updated very often, and it's easy enough to click the link to it that is on the top of the bml pages) but 11 of the people on my friends list do, (as this clever little proggie showed me), so they have already seen this announcement.

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