rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


We finally got some actual rain, though not very much, late this afternoon. Until then it had been nothing but occasional sprinkles. There has been somewhat more rain along the coast, especially from the bay area south to Los Angeles. The storm is pretty much gone now, and growing patches of stars can be seen among the thinning clouds. No more rain is in the forecast for the next ten days, though that could change. The next few days will be warming up, but only mildly. It should be pretty nice weather for the squirrels who have been raiding my walnut tree.

I'm hoping that the acorns now dropping from the oaks will distract the squirrels from my remaining walnuts, but the hope will probably prove vain. The current generation of squirrels around here seems to love walnuts. The acorn crop is pretty big this year, though. I hear them smacking onto the roofs of nearby buildings frequently. It's one of my favorite autumn sounds.

Another autumn sound I like is the quiet. Tonight I can hardly hear any of the small crickets at all. There seem to be a few away to the south, barely on the edge of hearing, but those who were buzzing away nearby only two nights ago are silent. I'm not hearing any frogs, either so I guess the rain was insufficient to excite them.

I keep getting distracted, going off to do one thing or another, and forget that I've got this entry underway. I started it about eight o'clock, and it's half past ten now. I have the attention span of a gnat these days.

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