rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


There have been a couple of bright flashes over the valley which take to have been lightning, but I have heard no thunder. It was probably too far away to hear. There were showers again this morning, but I didn't need a damp cat to tell me about them. They fell while I was on the back porch, and the dead leaves littering the ground were glistening with raindrops when the sun came out later. The day grew sunnier as it passed, and was pleasantly mild, but more clouds gathered this evening and real rain is likely tomorrow, with thundershowers.

The day did not end wall, though, as far as I know. Actually I slept through it again. There's something very depressing about going to sleep late in the afternoon and waking up long after nightfall, especially when it happens for the second day in a row. If it happens again tomorrow at least it might be a dark, rainy afternoon so the contrast between when I go to sleep and when I wake up will be less, but I still won't be happy about it.

But with luck we'll get some rain tomorrow, so it will matter less that I've slept through my yard watering time two days in a row. And with more luck the thunderstorm won't knock out my electricity and leave me shivering in the dark tomorrow night, which will be cold. And with even better luck the lightning won't start any fores that the rain is unable to put right out. Ah, the vicissitudes of October.
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