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I hate these unintended evening naps, especially on trash night. Now I have to organize my brain and get those wheelie bins out before I can fix dinner. It's disconcerting to wake up at nine o'clock when the last thing you remember is the yellow afternoon light coming through your window, and suddenly it's dark outside. Even more disconcerting is when you wake up with snatches of a dream about a toilet overflowing in your head. I mean the toilet was overflowing into the room in the dream, not overflowing into my head— or perhaps it was in my head, as something appears to have washed my grasp of syntax away.

Last night I only slept about four hours, and when I woke up and went out to feed the feral cats one of them had tiny drops of water on his fur, so it must have showered a bit early this morning. It was cloudy most of the day, and pleasantly mild. Rain is still predicted for Wednesday, with the chances now up to 75%, and a 55% chance of more rain on Thursday. Tonight the clouds are going to keep the day's warmth in, so it won't be as cold tonight as it was last night, and thus the furnace might not have to run.

Later this week we'll be getting lows in the forties following highs in the sixties, so the machine will be getting its first serious workout of the season. I hope it doesn't break down, as so many other mechanical devices around here have. I can get by without the oven, the garbage disposal and the dryer, and even the supplementary heater in the den, but there's no way I could let the furnace go unfixed this time of year.
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