rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Equinocturnal Entry

It looks like the first storm of autumn could arrive a week from tomorrow, starting Sunday afternoon and continuing at least into Monday. It isn't expected to be very cold, with a high of 72 Sunday and 70 Monday, and a low of 54 overnight, but then I wouldn't want the first storm to be very cold. There will be less than an inch of rain, also perfectly acceptable for the first storm of the season. It will be sufficient to give everything a pleasantly autumnal smell, and set the fallen leaves to decaying faster. I do hope the forecast proves accurate.

As for today, it was quite balmy, and the evening is still mild enough for the windows to be open. They'll probably have to be closed around midnight, assuming I'm still awake by then. If I fall asleep before closing them I'm sure the chill will wake me up by four o'clock, as it's supposed to get down to 58 tonight. And I must remember to make sure the water heater is on tomorrow morning. It was off today. Some part in it really needs to be replaced, but I don't know if it's an expensive part or not. It probably is.

Tomorrow is shopping day, of course, and I've prepared my list, which isn't very long this week. None of the stores have had much that interests me on sale recently. One thing I will be buying, if they still have any in stock, is the single-serving frozen vegetarian lasagna I like. Sadly it has been discontinued, so whatever I can stock up on now will be all I have from now on. Safeway had it last week, but might be sold out by now. I'm hoping that Grocery Outlet will get some in, as they often do with discontinued items, but it wasn't in their ad this week.

Tomorrow is the official first full day of autumn, but it's going to be pretty balmy again, so it won't feel very much like autumn. I'm still waiting for that morning when the air is crisp and full of the scent of the coming season. It's always one of my favorite days of the year and can leave me in a good mood for days after. I could use a good mood.

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