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Going, Going.... [Sep. 21st, 2018|10:15 pm]
Today was the peak of the current heat wave, though it won't be cooling off too much over the next few days, and another peak of heat will arrive in the middle of next week. The biggest news in the long term forecast is that a week from Sunday we could get showers. Only .17 inch of rain is predicted, and this soon we can't be sure that there will be any rain at all, but there could also be more than predicted. At least there is a possibility, though, and that is encouraging.

Today was also the last full day of summer, the official moment of the autumnal equinox arriving tomorrow at 6:54 PM local time. This summer has dragged by so slowly it's hard to believe that it's finally over, at least officially. Early autumn can bring some pretty hot days in these parts, though, so the moment is more symbolic than conclusive. But the likelihood of any more extreme heat this year is diminishing by the day, so gladness is the proper mood.

Also it's nice to know that those little crickets won't be making their infernal buzzing racket much longer. Hearing them is like having an extra dose of tinnitus. I'm really eager to go out at night and hear nothing more than the rustling of dry leaves in the cool autumn breezes. Aside from the crickets Monday night should be nice for watching the first full moon of autumn. The breezes, if we get any, should be fairly cool, and there are certainly already a lot of dry leaves to rustle in them. I'll just pretend the crickets are tinnitus.