rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I haven't seen my skunks lately. They might have gotten tired of coming around only to find the cat food bowls empty. The raccoons still show up, and even hang around nearby much of the night, just in case I decide to give the feral cats a snack in the middle of the night, which they can then steal. Raccoons seem to be optimistic creatures, full of hope. Hopeful little masked bandits. The feral cats hate the raccoons, and would probably just as soon see me slaughter them and use their meat as cat food. If the cats were bigger I'm sure they'd have long since slaughtered and devoured the raccoons on their own, if the raccoons dared come around with enormous cats in the yard. Hell, I might not come around if the cats were big enough to kill raccoons.

The next few days are predicted to be fairly hot again, though the nights are to be mercifully cool. Should the house get too warm by day there'll be no difficulty cooling it off by opening the windows at night. It would be nice if this mildness keeps up into October, though it probably won't. And I'd certainly rather not have any very warm days during raking season. Raking is annoying enough even on cool days.

My Internet connection has remained intact all day, so the repairs the technician did yesterday seem likely to endure. I'm happy to have gotten it done before the rainy season sets in. The Internet here was always a bit chancy in wet weather. Now if I can get the dryer replaced, the oven repaired, the garbage disposal working again, the heater in the back room back in working order, and the furnace remains functional (given its age I expect it to fail almost any time now) I should be in good shape for winter. As long as the oak tree next door doesn't decide to fall on my house once the ground gets saturated. Ah, well, maybe the drought will be back and I won't have to worry about that tree.

It's quite pleasant outside this evening. I think I'll go out and look at the waxing moon for a while, and hear the crickets fading away.

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