rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Well, that was exhausting. The day began before eight o'clock with a telephone call from some guy who kept calling me grampa and apparently didn't have a name of his own. He finally figured out that he had a wrong number and just hung up with no apology. After that I didn't go back to sleep but stayed awake to deal with the guy from the telephone company who was coming to deal with the decrepit cable between eight and noon. But he didn't get here until around one o'clock in the afternoon. The problem got solved (so far) but then I had to get ready to go to the chiropractor.

That was when I discovered that the water heater had gone out again, and I had only cold water to shower in. After getting the heater re-lit I waited as long as I dared and then had an unpleasant, lukewarm shower. In the rush and confusion I forgot to eat lunch, and so went off the get my head yanked while hungry and tense, so the adjustment was more difficult than usual. The person who had been on the table before me had been wearing too much cologne, and the residue got on me and I've been smelling it ever since. Plus I didn't get to go to the store on the way home, so I still don't have the stuff I forgot Sunday and won't have another chance to get it until next Sunday.

Aside from that I suppose it was a great day, as nothing caught on fire and the car didn't break down. But then there are still more than four hours left until midnight, and I'm sure that's plenty of time for the town to burst into flames, so I shouldn't tempt fate. Maybe tomorrow will be better. In the meantime I intend to eat dinner and not get food poisoning, and then probably fall asleep. I'd damned well better have pleasant dreams, or I will sue Morpheus.

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