rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Well, I finally had to turn the furnace on because there wasn't enough natural heat today to take last night's chill off the house. I let it stay chilly all day, taking breaks outdoors to warm up, and the house did get up to 66 degrees, which was tolerable, but not long after nightfall it had fallen below 64, which was bit too cold for me, and so the furnace had to be turned on. It has only run briefly, getting the room back up to 66, and of course it stinks of heated dust, having been off all summer, but I suppose it will stop reeking after a few more cycles of my money being burned up.

And to think it should happen on the very day my jasmine hedge produce four new blossoms. This was quite a surprise, as I'd thought it was entirely done blooming for the year some weeks ago. But there they are, two isolated flowers and one pair on a single stem. They smell sweet, but I had to stick my nose right next to the pair to perceive the fragrance. They reminded me of spring, displacing for a while my anticipation of autumn.

But the night air, being as chilly as it is, has now displaced the jasmine-scented thoughts of afternoon and sent my mind wandering down lost streets running through lost decades, and summoning an elegiac melancholy about places where the lights have long since gone out. Meanwhile, one of summer's last small crickets is still chattering under the jasmine hedge, sounding like a small, persistent alarm rapidly sending hashed fragments of time into the starlit night.

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