rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I'm waiting to see if this morning's sunrise will be as colorful as last night's sunset. The clouds which caught the light yesterday are still there. (Well, not the same clouds, I'm sure, but clouds of about the same size and type.) The cooling of the last few days is coming to an end, though, and it is expected to get warmer through the weekend.

The deer visited my street again last night. They have not been coming as often since the nearby field was fenced for new construction. It is becoming increasingly difficult for them to get around the neighborhood. They have to spend more time on the streets to travel between those areas that are still open. Also, only one of the streams through the town is flowing along its entire length this year, so most of the deer are probably staying closer to the reliable water supply in the Feather River.

Those who were here must have been among the more adventurous deer. When I went out, they did not start right away, and when they did decide to run, they ran only a few yards, then paused. I stood very still, and they decided that I was not a danger. I couldn't see them very well, as the half moon had already gone behind the trees across the street, but I could make out their dim shapes, and, listening carefully, hear their soft footfalls. They grazed on the roses for a while, then moved off. I think there were three of them. I hope they return on some night when the moon is bright.

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