rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Random Babble

It was a very balmy day, despite quite a few clouds and frequent stiff breezes, but it's going to be one of the chilliest nights yet this season tonight. The diurnal range will be close to thirty degrees, so we'll be getting quite the temperature whiplash. It's hoodie time right now, but it might be jacket time if I go outside later tonight.

I lost track of my dinner plan this week and had no idea what to eat tonight. Now it's gotten so late I might just not bother with a meal. As chilly as it is it might be a good night for soup. I do have plenty of ramen on hand, though nothing much to add to it. A few baby carrots, perhaps. No mushrooms. There might be a very old can of water chestnuts on the shelf. I'm losing track of more and more as time passes.

We are eight days from the autumnal equinox. The darker half of the year, when that big orange fire in the sky won't be making us swelter day after day. But the nights will sometimes be brighter, as the moon will be higher in the sky than it is in the summer. I love the fall and winter moon. I need to get my warmest clothing ready for when I go out into cold nights and watch it. But not tonight. It isn't up right now. With luck, I'll be sleeping soon myself anyway.

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