rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Out There

The partly cloudy day that was predicted became a mostly cloudy day, and by late afternoon it was chilly enough outdoors that I needed to put on a hoodie. It's cold enough indoors now that I'm still wearing it. Yet it doesn't really feel like autumn yet. The air, though cold, lacks that energizing crispness autumn brings. This is like an old, worn out coldness, more like winter on its last legs than the onset of a new season. Maybe it's because it doesn't yet smell like autumn. The onset of the cold has been so quick that the leaves and soil and pines haven't yet had time to take on that peculiar scent they get when fall is truly here.

The crickets don't sound like autumn either. They are still buzzing away with their summery noise in the darkness. The day felt a bit odd, and the night feels odd too. Last time I was outside I heard a dog howl in the distance. There were a couple of them howling earlier too. Apparently it feels odd to the canines as well. I intend to stay mostly inside tonight. I get the feeling that behind the crickets and the dogs there is a terrible silence out there, and I don't want it to sneak into me.
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