rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Seasonal Instability

Ah, how very cool it is this evening, and how much cooler it will be tomorrow night. In fact tomorrow it will be cool all day— so cool that I'll probably worry about getting enough heat into the house to keep it warm when the low gets down to 52 degrees tomorrow night. The worry will go away when the highs get back up into the eighties next week. September can be as unstable and unpredictable as April. It's a good thing the two of them can't get together and have kids.

Late this afternoon turned into a nap time. I was watching something on television and it must have hypnotized me, as the next thing I knew I woke up and it was almost dark outside. The feral cats were miffed that I had missed feeding them at their usual dinner time. Perhaps it was actually Portia who hypnotized me, hoping I'd not feed the other cats at all and all the food in the house would be hers.

Anyway, my evening has been foreshortened, and as usual when that happens I feel disoriented and pressed for time. The good side is that I probably won't fall asleep before I get the windows closed and end up with a house too cold to be warmed by tomorrow's diminished solar heat. It was actually rather cloudy this afternoon, and probably will be again tomorrow. But still no rain in sight. How I would love a late summer rain! Too bad we can't get part of the hurricane to come here and put out the fires. But nature is being a bit of a dick.

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