rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I must remember to get the wheelie bins out tonight. I still have trash that ought to have gone out last week,plus this week's trash. Luckily I don't generate very much trash, so the bin is not full despite the delay, and even though it is the smallest bin the trash company has, but it is starting to reek. Used kitty litter and cantaloupe rinds to not age well, nor do scraps of onion. Plus the combination is quite startling.

A large cricket is still chirping somewhere north of my house, but the loud buzzing of the small crickets almost completely drowns it out. I would like the large cricket to outlive the small ones, so I can have a few more nights of just the pleasant chirps before the really cold weather sets in, but I doubt that the big cricket and I will be that lucky. He must be getting old, and those small crickets are still no more than half his age.

In general, luck has not been with us this summer. Although cooler weather is on the way there is no rain in the forecast, and the forecast goes through the middle of September. I remember rainy Septembers here, but something tells me this will not be one of them. In fact there are not yet any days with highs below the low seventies predicted over the next ten days, and but one of those days is to have any clouds. The sun is much too present anymore.

The squirrels who ate most of my walnuts last year have been raiding the tree again for the last few days. They don't seem to mind that the nuts are still in their thick green husks. They must be bitter (the nuts, not the squirrels.) Green walnuts are sometimes pickled, but as far as I know the squirrels aren't doing that. They are just eating them fresh from the tree. Maybe I should pick some and pickle them myself. That's probably th only way I'd get any at all this year. Damned squirrels. I don't chase them away, though. They just seem to be having such a great time I don't have the heart to ruin it for them.

It's getting late again, and I keep dawdling around listening to YouTube videos and stuff. Those wheelie bins aren't going to put themselves out.

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