rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

The Slow Fade

This morning the eastern sky was generously slathered with clouds— real clouds, not just clouds of smoke. Though they were mostly dispersed by noon, some lingered above the mountains all day and might still be there now, though they can't be seen in the darkness. The waning crescent of the moon won't be rising until almost three o'clock this morning, by which time I expect to be asleep. The forecast is not predicting clouds tomorrow, but sometimes the sky over the mountains defies the forecast, so maybe I'll see them again when I wake up.

The night air is already very cool, and it will be dropping into the sixties again tonight. It isn't getting chilly enough to require the windows to be closed, so they will be open all night and probably until after eight o'clock tomorrow morning. If I sleep too late the house could start warming up too much before I get them closed, but I want that fresh air to sleep in, so it's worth the risk. I've been falling asleep by one o'clock lately, so the risk is small anyway even though I've been waking up for an hour or so around five o'clock then going back to sleep for another three or four hours.

Late next week I'll have to be closing those windows before I go to sleep or the house will get so cold I'll have to turn the furnace on prematurely, so Intend to enjoy these last few nights when I can have them open. It looks like there won't be any time when I'll be able to leave them open both all day and all night, as I was able to do a few times last spring. That is the main advantage of spring over autumn: the diurnal range of temperatures is much smaller, at least for a few brief periods.

The other advantage of spring is of course that the leaves are growing, not falling. As much as I anticipate autumn with pleasure, I don't relish all the raking it will entail. Of course there will be fewer leaves to rake than usual, thanks to the very hot summer days that desiccated so much foliage before its time. I've been raking those leaves all summer, and it will be nice to finally get paid back for that effort with less raking this fall. But at least the fall raking can be done in cooler weather. Raking on those hot summer days was not pleasant, even very early in the mornings.

But I won't have to rake tomorrow, so I will just forget about what is to come and enjoy feeling the summer slowly fade. It's what I've been waiting for.

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