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Muddle - Weather, Or Not [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Muddle [Sep. 5th, 2018|10:35 pm]
Tonight I ruined my dinner eating Chex Mix again. That stuff is a tool of the devil. Most likely I'll get hungry around midnight, if I'm still awake then, and by that time I won't feel like fixing anything. Not enough sleep again last night. This has felt like an unusually long day, even though I didn't do much of anything.

Now I'm hearing a small cricket screeching loudly very near my house. He might be under the jasmine hedge. Above the hedge I can see what I'm pretty sure is Mars, looking bright and quite red. The redness is not due to smoke, as we haven't had any for several days.

If the wind shifts around the right way we might get some smoke soon, though, as a new fire has erupted on the border of Shasta and Siskiyou Counties, just a bit north of the big Shasta County fire that was only lately gotten completely under control. The new fire started around one o'clock this afternoon and is already up to 5,000 acres. The weather is going to be considerably cooler for this one, though. We should be getting days in the seventies and nights in the fifties by the middle of next week.

At the moment my brain is muddled. I think that cricket is trying to hypnotize me. I'm going to go try to drown him out with the television.